Everyone is sure that the advertising is an engine of progress but no one recalls that the very first engines were a wheel and a sail. These inventions opened up prospects for growth and new discoveries that brought progress to humankind.

The sea has always attracted courageous and adventurous people. Despite the risk, hardship and deprivation, since ancient times hundreds and thousands of sailors plowed through the expanses of the world’s oceans in search of adventure and a better life. Hundreds of discoveries were made during these centuries of navigation. And up to this day many people still have the irresistible desire for sea adventures.

Yachting, Crimea and the Black Sea are intrinsically linked to one another. In these progressive times you can become a yacht’s captain just having two weeks of training and two more weeks of practice. In just a month you will have a diploma that gives you the right to captain your own yacht. But the sea does not like and does not tolerate dilettantes. In the open sea, you must be ready for anything: a brutal storm, equipment failure or completely obvious or perhaps even clandestine sabotage of the team. Is it really possible to learn how to manage all these factors – not to mention your own fears – after just a month of studying? Of course not!

Therefore, we are offering you the training with practice on a yacht. We will teach you how to react correctly in any situation because thorough marine practice is the basis of good conduct in the sea. Captains of any oncoming ships will be able to distinguish a beginner from a captain by only one or two phrases used on a walkie-talkie.


The ability to tie sea knots (dozens, if not hundreds of variations with certain knot for a particular situation); to give commands correctly; to communicate with coastal services and captains of other ships by radio; to prepare a ship for going to the sea; to moor – all of this requires a considerable amount of study, revision and consolidation through marine practice.

For this practice of yachting in Crimea and Sevastopol, we are ready to provide two yachts with experienced captains, who will gladly prompt and teach you the necessary aspects of marine science. One of the yachts is a motor yacht, and the other is a schooner with traditional sailing features. The advantage is that when you experience marine science in real life using traditional sailing equipment, this skill stays with you for a long time, and in future serves as good experience when working with a modern spar and rigging. That’s why cadets of naval schools had obligatory maritime practice on such ships as the famed ‘Kruzenshtern’ and ‘Khersones’.

Both of our yachts are very comfortable vessels with the possibility of full or partial accommodation on them during the sail. In addition to improving your yacht management and radio operator skills, you will have the opportunity to walk along the Crimean coast and enjoy the unusual and picturesque landscapes of the southern coast of Crimea. Also we can organize long-distance voyages along the Black Sea and also to the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, or even round-the-world trips on request!


Large companies with sizeable amounts of staff always put the issue of team building at the forefront of their personnel policy and as such, this is often earmarked as an area of considerable investment. What could be better than yachting with a team that already works with you? Nothing! Joint marine practice is better than any training because people learn how to work as a team, and nothing brings people together more than overcoming difficulties and obstacles in live harsh environments. And we guarantee that this cost is much better than that of other designated team-building exercises.

We pay close attention to the safety of navigation, with both yachts having all necessary rescue equipment on board and also the Register’s admission to navigate under the national flag of the Russian Federation. With us, you can safely and competently pass the training, and improve your level of marine practice and yacht management in the best way possible.

We promise you an interesting yachting experience in all respects. Sevastopol is a sea city with numerous cafes and restaurants located on its shore, and among them there are even restaurants decked out in pirate style. It’s so great to sit with friends in such a cozy place in the evening after an amazing day spent under the sails.

We will meet and accommodate you, show you all the interesting places of Crimea, and also guarantee you an unforgettable adventure, not to mention the beautiful seascapes, a night sky full of stars and of course life-long maritime friendship.

  • accommodation on the yacht
  • fuel is included in the price
  • duration of practice is 2 weeks