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You have come to Crimea, seen all the sights, gone to the beach, tried local delicacies. Have not you forgotten about something? Of course! You forgot … about the sailing in the waters of Crimea and Sevastopol.

To visit Crimea and not go sailing on a yacht in the sea for at least a few hours is like to visit Moscow and not to see the Kremlin. Sailing in the waters of Crimea will give you a sense of belonging and a new sense of adventure which, in turn, will give you a huge boost of energy! Wonderful coastlines, gentle and warm seas, beautiful and curious dolphins racing alongside the yacht – we will be happy to offer you all of this!

The southern coast of Crimea strikes you with the beauty of nature, you will be met by wonderful and ever changing scenery which will accompany you throughout the tour. Here you will see: the burnt orange appearance of the Koktebel Crimean highlands, the bright green coast of Yalta, the stern beauty of Cape Tarkhankut and the incredible stone idols of Karadag, the glorious citadels of Sevastopol and the ancient castle ruins built by the Genoese, the bright world of the underwater kingdom with shallow caves and various fish. For centuries the sun, the wind and the sea have shaped the coastal rocks, transforming them into fanciful figures similar to towers of medieval castles, enfilades, various silhouettes reminiscent of men, beasts and various mythical creatures. The shores of Crimea are full of large and small bays, each of them has its own history and unique beauty. You can reach these bays only by sea.

You can enjoy the beauty of Balaklava – the wonderful bay that has been a secret submarine base for a long time. By the way, translating from Turkish – Balyg yuva, or Balaklava, means a fish nest or a fish house. You can also sail in the waters of Sevastopol… This glorious city deserves a separate excursion, and we strongly recommend that you visit the harbor of the Black Sea Fleet in the Bay of Sevastopol and take lots of pictures there.


The underwater life of the Black Sea is rich and diverse. There are 3 spices of dolphins in the Black Sea only! You can admire all these beauties during an exploratory dive, the so-called one-day diving. An experienced instructor will teach you how to use the scuba and help you make a trial dive.

The sea fishing enthusiasts will not be put off too, we will find the fish places with the help of the echo sounder, and you will be able to show all your fishing talent. We guarantee a bountiful catch of Crimean mullet and mackerel – later on our cook will fry them until golden brown in front of you.

You can also create your own tailor-made excursion in the southern coast of Crimea by yourself, and we will cater for your every wish. In addition, you will be able to master the basics of sailing. After all, it’s so exciting and romantic to go sailing and steer the yacht on your own.


You may wonder why to choose us? The answer is simple – we love the sea and everything related to it. Nobody will prepare and make your sea trips better than us. Do not let the price frighten you. We will do our best to make you happy.

Our yachts are very comfortable and well-equipped to make your sea trips unforgettable. The motor yacht Meteor has a huge second deck with a bar, high-quality music, a cozy wardroom, a galley with a friendly cook, ready to satisfy the most demanding taste, cabins with bathrooms and showers. The sailing schooner is as comfortable as a motor yacht; in addition, it is a pleasure for a true connoisseur to have a sea voyage in Crimea on a traditional schooner with gaffel armament.

You just need to choose a boat trip on the site or in our group VKontakte and be ready to go! We are waiting for you to come, and we will make sure that the time spent with us will be the brightest and the most unforgettable adventure ever!

Service pricing

starts from 5 000 rub/h

* fuel is paid in addition upon