Introduction into history and geography

The Black Sea is one of the enclosed seas of the World Ocean, connected to the Atlantic basin through the Bosporus and Dardanelles straits, the Marble and Mediterranean seas. The water boundary between Europe and Asia passes through the Black Sea. Since ancient times, the Black Sea was a place of ancient Greeks’ glorious victories: they successfully developed the coasts and built settlements, after them there were the Byzantium, the Ottoman and the Russian empires. The opportunities of merchant shipping were very important for the peoples who lived in the Black Sea countries and lands. Due to the multitude of rivers flowing into the Black Sea, it has a quite low salinity. The Crimean Peninsula that cuts deeply into the Black Sea in its northern part is the only peninsula there. The mountains protect the coasts of Crimea from cold northern winds, that’s why the climate at the southern coast is mostly mild Mediterranean.


The main mystery of the Black Sea is the high concentration of hydrogen sulfide in its deep layers. This phenomenon was firstly discovered by the Russian research expedition in 1896. The lovers of technical diving noted the presence of hydrogen sulfide at depths of 70 meters. So far, scientists have not been able to find out the main cause of the high concentration of hydrogen sulfide in the Black Sea. By choosing to dive in Crimea with us, you will be able to get your hands on this mystery.

In 1854 the ship “Black Prince” which carried the gold for the troops who fought in the Crimean War sank during a violent storm. This news quickly flew around the European continent – and everyone started to search the missing gold. A huge amount of money equal to 70 million dollars (adjusted to current rates of inflation) attracted more and more treasure hunters, both professional and amateur divers. But the main treasure of the Black Sea has not been found yet, leaving hope for those lucky ones who have yet to discover and retrieve it. Our diving club will be very proud if one of our friends can find this treasure!


The diving tours that we offer in Crimea are very exciting and we will do our best to make sure that you have the best experience. Underwater diving is not only about treasure hunting, but also about the rich military history of the Black Sea. There are probably not so many sunken racks in any place of the world as there are in Crimea. There are ships of the XVIII – XIX centuries, vessels, submarines and aircrafts sunk there in the XX century, as well as during the Great Patriotic War.

Diving in Sevastopol will let you see the mysteries lying on the bottom of the sea and to reveal the veil of secrecy over the history of each of the sunken objects. There are so many amazing places for diving all over the southern coast of Crimea from Cape Chaud to Cape Tarhankut located on the west of the peninsula. By the way, during the Soviet period, the coast near the Cape Tarkhankut was a place of pilgrimage for scuba diving lovers from all over the USSR.

We offer you to make an amazing trip and to see all the beauty and mysteries of the underwater world of Crimea with your own eyes. A yacht equipped for comfortable living of ten divers designed for a short-term (2-3 days) diving safari will help you in this adventure. Groups and single diving enthusiasts are able to make fascinating descents to all known sunken racks, as well as to the beautiful underwater sites and grottoes at the capes of Aya and Tarkhankut. The mastery of the yacht cook will satisfy the most demanding taste and you will never forget those cozy evenings with a bunch of like-minded people after the day and night dives. And we also try to reduce prices for diving in Crimea to expand the circle of our friends.

The great advantage of a safari yacht in the Black Sea is both comfort during diving and the possibility to dive all year around. Yes, you got it right – we invite you to make this fascinating journey to the sea depths even in winter, of course, with a dry suit. It does not matter if you have experience in diving in a dry suit, our instructors will teach you how to use it and, if necessary, you can always rent it for a nominal fee.

Members of our diving club will meet you and show you the sights of Crimea, help you with accommodation so that you could have the best experience during diving and your trip in general!

Come to Crimea and dive with us!